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The new 4-Step Chronic To Cured Recovery Method that will take you from a 5 and below out of 10 to a 7+ in 6 months or less!

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About Terese

Terese Millhouse is a certified Wholistic Fatigue Recovery and Reiki Practitioner, and Founder of From Chronic To Cured Wellness. Terese is also a mother, widow, (now fiancè and step mum), and a survivor of seven years of chronic fatigue and 20 years of thyroid disease (see ‘Her Story Here').

Terese's years of healing, road blocks, failures, personal growth, experience, study, research, and ultimately full recovery, have culminated in her Five Core Pillars Of Balanced Wellness, 4-Step Chronic To Cured Recover Method, programs and e-Books, that are helping career mums take back control of their health and recover from debilitating chronic fatigue autoimmune symptoms, for long term preventative health, energy and vitality!

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